Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Has Obama failed by his own standards?

The conservative Jay Cost believes Obama has failed by his own standards, which he paraphrases as follows:

Obama’s purpose was to “excavate” the lost nobility of American politics, emphasizing the public good over special interests. In Obama’s estimation, it is the dominance of such interests – be it partisan absolutists, lobbying groups, or whatever – that has driven us apart, and eroded the public faith in our institutions. Obama would change all that, and restore confidence in the government.

Morning Jay: Obama has Failed by His Own Standards | The Weekly Standard
Wed, 7 Sep 2011 13:17:42 UTC

Cost goes on to explain that Gallop polls show the electorate now disfavors the federal government more than ever, making him a failure. I suggest Cost's reasoning is off.

That may be an accurate summary of Obama's election platform. But I contend Obama has accomplished almost everything he set out to do. Cost actually lists them. He has permanently grown government and regulation by double digit percentages. He has introduced invasive regulation and a style of autocratic Presidential oversight not seen since Roosevelt. There is no factual or historical evidence that Congress will roll any of it back.

Progressives adore Obama partly because of his 'ability' to doublespeak. Is Cost a victim of such? That he may be a one term President because of what he has done does not bother Obama in the slightest. He already got what he wanted.

And no government since WWII spending ended has ever shrunk the federal government. Even then the Keynesians cried that the sky would fall.

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