Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Homeowner's view of the Financial Crisis

In 2008 I was naive enough to invite offers for auto insurance on a website and soon I was getting 10-30 phone calls a day by people trying to sell me a mortgage (yeah, I know it was them).  I guess my web invitation was enough to qualify for the loophole Congress injected into the “No Call” law on behalf of the banking special interest lobbies so everyone on the planet could contact me.

Now that over 15% of mortgages are in default, I wonder if it’s time to redress the sloppy job on the “No call” rule that Congress made in the first place and get consumerists the heck out of our living rooms.  The law should be simple; no calling.  It’s what the public wanted.  Under what nuanced world view is the current law not a breach of the Constitution?  I wonder how many high risk mortgages could have been avoided if Congress would have just done that one simple thing right when we asked them.