Friday, February 25, 2011

Domestic Terrorists are mostly Right Wing Extremists

I was watching an episode of Numb3rs where the FBI is looking for a sniper. Of course they had to bring in and question a right-wing extremist, who they painted as both a white supremacist and a fool. Not that those two things are in any way not connected. I just find TV writing to be so perfectly aligned with Progressive narrative that it no longer surprises me.

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Numb3rs publicity photo
If we look at Timothy McVeigh, the Progressive's favorite right-winger, the narrative of course runs into problems quite quickly. First, he tried to join a para-military organization but he was turned down. It turns out they found him mentally unstable. Maybe we should ask those guys to profile for the military; they probably could have given them a heads up regarding Nidal Malik Hasan.

The dirty little secret is that most 'right wing extremist' groups are firmly ensconced in a return to constitutionally sound government; they just want to be left alone. Bombing buildings of any kind are antithetical to their purpose. Attention is exactly what 'right-wing extremists' do not want.

Terrorists on the other hand, draw attention to their political statements through violence. If anything, history teaches us that attention inducing violence is a leftist tactic, since mass movements require mass population awareness. It is a little more than ironic that a TV show espousing mathematics and logic veers so quickly from it.

Further, contrary to reporting, Timothy McVeigh made his bombing 'statement' solely as a result of the Waco fiasco wherein government policy was surely and positively drawn into question. For the fact remains that it is hardly possible to justify the violent 'attention' the FBI gave the Davidians based on their previous actions.

Progressive meme

The Progressive meme regarding the dangerous Tea Parties and 'right wing extremists' continues unabated. It is a strange narrative, repeated over and over ad nauseum despite any connection with reality.

Over at Legal Insurrection: Southern Poverty Law Center Still Peddling Lie That Giffords Shooter Was Right-Winger Mr. Jacobson does a brilliant job of piecing links together describing and refuting the latest blather.

I'll say one thing. Progressives are exponentially more organized and creative and determined at describing their narrative. And it helps that they have TV and movies to weave the silly stories into the fabric of the culture. If there is a conspiracy, it is the general collusion to perpetuate the right wing lie.

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