Thursday, November 4, 2010

The ideology is one thing, but do not forget the tactics

Steve Mangala of City Journal (Manhattan Institute), author of Shakedown, talks to Alan Barton.

Click the graphic for full screen. Commentary after the fold.

Some talking points:
  • 20% of New Yorkers approve of the legislature, but 98% of incumbents win re-election.
  • Collective bargaining's effect on the nature of government.
  • Big government upends prosperity because the extra cash inspires legislation until it eats the hand that feeds them.
  • The mistaken idea that with only enough money we will solve the war on poverty.  Even jobs programs that do not work can not be stopped.
  • Community block grants spent $130B.  It is difficult to prove any benefits.
  • Reform becomes almost impossible after 50% of the populace receives government hand-outs.  Do taxes count?
  • Articulate reformist leaders are vital.
Malanga misses an important leg in the stool which by now legitimately attracts criticism:
  • Crony capitalism is also bankrupting governments.
  • Our banking system is broken even beyond their unholy marriage with government.
Still a decent video.

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