Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Donald Trump: Please save us from his run for presidency

In this post on "Are we really a center right nation: why there is really no squishy middle," I explain why there is a bottomless untapped audience for free markets.

Fox just proved my point in its ludicrous interview with Donald Trump.

Trump is supposedly the great business man and defender of American freedom.  He then goes on to explain why we need a 25% tax on Chinese imports, which are 'ruining' the country.

He tries to make the point that the Chinese currency is valued 'unfairly.'  As if that is not a subsidy to American purchases.

He says that Chinese quality is poorer and Americans make better products, as if the American consumer should not be allowed to choose their price points.

He implies we can dissuade a huge trading partner without immediate and devastating job loss incurred by retaliation, and American products made impractical by higher priced components.  He implies our standard of living would not immediately be negatively effected.   He implies capital would immediately step into the breach and create jobs here in USA to compensate.  He implies trade with another nation is a zero sum game and that their prosperity is at American expense.

On Fox, he gets a free pass.  On a free market station, he would be lambasted for the nauseous, simple mind argument that he makes.

It is government regulation that is running jobs out of this country. Until it ceases its fanatical rant, until it embraces the risk of markets, until it crawls out of bed with crony capitalism, the economy will suffer along with the jobs it bleeds.

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