Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Texas should pay its fair share

With all the talk about allowing the tax cuts to expire (isn't that a tax increase?  Oh, never mind) I was thinking about all the ways Obama could raise more money to help the impoverished in the nation.  And then it hit me; Texas should pay more money!

Look, it is only fair.  They have no income or property taxes!  Not like in New York or California where rates are close 10%, and they are almost broke!  They need help, and Texas can give to them.

Besides, Texas is a very large state.   Think of all the benefits they get just from having a large state.  Why, the beaches alone bring in tourists and such.  It isn't fair.

Texas also has a great deal of undocumented workers who don't pay social security and other taxes, but contribute to the economy by paying rent and producing goods and services.  Texas is getting a windfall at our expense!

And then of course they are always getting federal aid because of all the hurricanes and natural disasters.  Why should they get all the help from the rest of us?  They need to pay a larger share.

Texas is receiving an unfair advantage by being part of the USA while not charging their citizens the true cost of living there.  Obama and an enlightened Congress should level the playing field during these difficult times.  It is time for the free loaders to pay their share.

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