Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The heart warming wonder of Chile

The world is overwhelmed by the story of the miners in Chile, our hearts warmed and our eyes moistened by the unabashed sincerity of hope and reconciliation.  In respectful deference to the TV announcers, many of us are speechless as we watch the country come together in their hour of need.

The images and voices of Chile are smothered with themes that we in the USA are now unfamiliar.  Unlike the oil spill this past summer, the Chilean response was of pride and ingenuity in their ability to overcome.  Everyone above and below the ground expressed words of faith in God and love of family.  Their cries of faith and pride spread out like a fan for the world to see.

And through it all, the shouts of 'Chile' could be heard as miner after miner came up from bowls of the earth.  The solidarity and pride in their country and their people spread across the airwaves in a palatable beat, their hope on their sleeves, their faith in God and men and country to overcome as sure and unshakable as their determination to save their men.

It is a heart warming story.  It is a story of mankind bearing down to overcome with determination and energy.  It is the story of a country that is proud of who she is, and where they are going.  It is the story of faith and leadership, and family and friends.  It is the story of a country coming of age.

And as the miners came out of the earth, the President and the men made the same acknowledgment; "We have done a great thing.  Now we can do anything."  May their energy and confidence carry them far.  For nothing was ever achieved in fear or guilt or self-doubt.  Nothing of lasting value was ever achieved based on the arbitrary edifice of random morality.   And for the rest of us watching, we are enervated, as all people are, by a people who strive with unabashed sincerity, and persevere.

Thank you to the people of Chile, for sharing your hope with us.  We will not soon forget.  You challenge our hearts to live in a different place.

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