Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Former Members of Congress

It is far too early to see the impact the Tea Party candidates will have on Congress.  The media and both parties are still minimizing the effect they will have on the elections, much less their ability to shake up the order of politics.  Meanwhile, former members of Congress posted a message:
Former Members of Congress for Common Ground is comprised of Republicans and Democrats who have enjoyed the privilege of serving in the Congress of the United States and benefited from working with each other over the years. We have organized informally with the hope that our shared experience may be informative and encouraging to those men and women who are candidates for the House and Senate this November – suggesting that political parties and partisanship play a measured but not dominant role in their lives as Members of Congress. We have joined in sending the following letter to all congressional candidates with understanding and respect for the inevitable passion that affects their campaigns for and eventual service in office, but asking that they be mindful once elected of the different personal dynamics needed to work together in addressing – and, we pray, meeting – the great challenges facing our Nation.

How difficult is it to interpret this message?

The nation is very much at a crossroads.  The divide between Progressives and Keynes and hierarchical governments could not be further from the conservative, limited rule that the Tea Parties and a supposedly chastened Republican party espouse.

What happens to politics when compromise is not possible?

There is a very strong argument to be made that compromise is exactly what is wrong with republics with large bodies of elected officials.  Certainly it is a death knell in the long run for limited government advocates.  Compromise means losing.  The Progressives have achieved pretty much everything they have wanted in the last 70 years.

We shall see if it is possible to avoid economic collapse.  The Progressives believe it is possible to devolve the society and gently lower the standard of living without causing great calamity.    This may be their most erroneous conceit.

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