Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keys to shrinking the federal government

Keys to shrinking the federal government:
  1. The moral and economic narrative for shrinking the government must be written clearly and plainly so that the message can not be distorted.  This is one of the largest issues for free marketers.  Since education will not provide the ethical merits of a free society, the media must fill this role.  Fox is not doing this job either, leaving an opportunity for entrepreneurs.  I believe it is a large one, as large as Fox's market.
  2. A very determined Congress.
  3. A very strong Speaker.  This point is not self-sustaining, since the pressure to say, 'yes' is immense.
  4. A President that will veto bills.  The Congress will not do it alone.  It will produce stupid bills.
  5. The Congress must be ready to impeach Supreme court judges.  The case law from the Supreme Court has subjugated the intent of the Republic and destroyed the Constitution.  Regardless of one's position on abortion, everyone must agree that the Supreme Court's ability to see abortion in the Constitution robbed the American people of a debate and discussion that it deserved and continues to attempt to debate.  The very purpose of the Supreme Court is to uphold the Constitution as ratified by the people's proxy in Congress.  It long ago replaced the Constitution with its own case law.
  6. There must be a plan.  That plan must involve city, state and federal components.
  7. The 17th Amendment must be repealed.  States must have representatives which protect their role in government.  They have none at the federal level.
The Obama, Pelosi, Reid government is perhaps the most historical since the 1800's.

The definition of a Progressive: A person that wakes up every morning knowing that the answer is more government.  They just don't know what the question is yet.

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