Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Jacobins and the Republican tradition.

Regardless of one's political or economic bent, one must applaud the writing of Iowahawk in his piece titled, If It Is a Fight These Jacobins Want, Then It Is a Fight They Shall Have.

Some of my favorite bits:
Contrary to what you may assume, the gift of intellectual acuity and foresight can in times like these prove to be an almost unbearable cross; I shall not use this space to recount the many unheeded warnings I have issued to fellow Republicans regarding the growing menace of the soi dissant "Tea Party" faction, other than to note that as a Cassandra I have, if anything, proven to be insufficiently alarmist.

And this:
Normally I would have followed the returns by live television, but Mariska and I were otherwise engaged as hosts of a black-tie fundraiser for our new charity program, Inner City Badminton, along with our dear friends from the firmament of conservative punditry, Kathleen Parker and David Brooks. Together we passionately believe that by introducing the "grand old pastime" to the hiphop community, we will in some small way begin to repair the incalculable damage done to Republican-African American relations by the racially tactless Tea Party idiots.
Precious. Read the whole thing. Tom Wolf comes to mind.

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