Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's job plan

The key to Obama's job plan are cuts to social security taxes. If you needed any more evidence that SS is a Ponzi scheme, you just got it; if there was any ROI on social security, Obama would not dare touch people's retirement money.

Meanwhile, 'experts' have modeled the stimulus of his proposal:

Cutting taxes is a time-honored strategy for stimulating growth. The formula is simple: Workers will spend more money when their paychecks grow, and companies will respond to that increased demand by hiring more workers, creating a cycle that increases the pace of growth.

Preliminary analyses of the White House plan estimate that the tax cuts could create more than 50,000 jobs a month, a significant boost considering that employment climbed by 35,000 jobs, on average, in each of the last three months.

Obama’s Job Plan Hinges on Cut to Social Security Tax -
Fri, 9 Sep 2011 22:37:09 UTC

Being a huge skeptic of macroeconomics, I challenge anyone to prove the bolded statement. Practically, the immeasurability of many national based government programs is one in a long list of arguments for government intrusion, if it is going to take place, to occur at local levels. Local programs have a chance of being measured, along with marrying cost and benefit.

Too many marketing and advertising campaigns in private industry do not have effective measurement mechanisms. But it is highly ironic that in politics this deficiency is a feature, not a bug. For politicians long ago have somehow divorced benefit and cost of their programs, and now they are free of measurement as well.

For no expert can say what the result of Obama's proposals will be, what they are as they occur, or look back after they are finished, and tally any kind of score.

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